Maintenance Services

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Your website, just like your physical store front, requires maintence and upkeep.  Without the proper care, it too can fall a part and eventually break. We have your website maintenance… hosting, back ups and updates…. covered.

Web Development

So much more than design… we’ll work with you to make your site a functional part of your business… from simple forms to ecommerce

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Website Maintenance

As much as we like to think websites are a “set it and forget it” kinda thing… They’re not.  Your website will require constant upkeep from dealing with your software license, hosting, updates, and back ups.  So for those that don’t have the time or desire to deal with maintaning a website, we offer maintenance coverage for our sites. 

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Web platforms are constantly being updated for security and stability. So the software must be continually upgraded to keep your site secure and running.

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Think of hosting as the neighborhood your site lives in. Quality hosting can drastically effect the performance of your website. Shared, Cloud, or Dedicated hosting... with so many options where do you start.

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Software License

Software licenses must be kept up to date in order to receive the upgrades need for your site to remain operational.

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Back Ups & Recovery

Probably one of the most over looked parts of caring for your website is keeping a good back up of your site in case of major failure. Keeping a quality back-up of your site makes recovering your site go so much smoother in the event of disaster.

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